Stranger to me…

I am walking on the beach
so many of my friends are coming with me

footprints are forming and reforming on the sand
Full of spirits and full of hopes
rising sun is smiling towards me
calling my name glowing my way
with its sparkling light
with all my hopes and my faith,

I started flying with the feathers of my soul

without noticing that footprints are started decreasing with the increasing distance
At Heights you see things with different perception
everything is beneath your wings
you are all above unaware of truth

The scintillating sun of my Glory
restraining my eyes to open widely
unable to noticing that the footprints around are left far behind me

Twilight helps me to see my isolation
my shadow is my only companion
who shared my every secret
who knows each and every fear of mine
who was is and will be there I hope

With the new moon in the sky
all the hopes and desires are shattering
and my only companion left me lonesome in the brutal hands of Ghost and evil spirits of my fears in this endless darkness

They’ll come and torture me,
interrogate my soul my heart ferociously

transform my every fear into reality and show me my true face
which is dark ghastly and complete
Stranger to me



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