Being Immortal…

Man think that the human journey
ends with his death
But the crucial stage comes after death

When men got the chance

to reconsider, to rethink and then comes a
Phase of realisation
Phase of revaluation
Phase of regret
I also passed through the stage of awareness and ends up in a remorseful destination

Remorse for not achieving anything repentance for not having big accomplishments
Some of my friends who are sleeping nearby
have written their names on huge buildings

Big factories and companies start with their names
some of their names have been carved on on the granite and marble pillars
but remorsefully I concluded that graveyard was the only place where my name was written until then
I saw little girl coming near the grave thinking she is a family member I smile a little but she is not
Her eyes were filled with tears she gently touch my name
After the moments of mournful silence decorating my grave with the pearls of tears and rose she left
Then I realised that I searched all the wrong places for my achievements, my accomplishments and my name

Maybe my name was not carved on precious stones but I am able to carved it on the very rare and priceless gem call Heart

I overjoyed with a sense of fulfillment that I am always be The Immortal in the mortal tears,smile and Heart.



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